Subpoena, 12 September 1843 [JS v. Reynolds and Wilson–A]

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State of Illinois,) ss. [scilicet]
The people of the State of to the Sheriff of said , Greeting:
WE command you, that you SUMMON, L[ucien] P. Sanger. John Dixon J[ohn] B. Nash Henry McKinney A. B. Searls [Asa B. Searles] Benj. Wasson, Harmon T. Wasson & Mrs Elizabeth [Hale] Wasson— if They shall be found in your , personally to be and appear before the Circuit Court of said , on the forthwith day of the next Term thereof, to be now holden at the Court House in on the [blank] Monday of [blank] next, to testify and the truth to speak in a certain action now pending and undetermined in said court, wherein Joseph Smith is— Plaintiff and & Defendants on the part of the said Plaintiff and this They shall in no wise omit, under the penalty of what the law directs, and have you then and there this Writ, with an endorsement thereon in what manner you executed the same. Witness, Charles T. Chase, clerk of our said court, and the seal thereof, at , this Twelfth day of September A. D. 1843.
C. T. Chase Clerk.
M. Fellows deputy [p. [1]]
44 23
Joseph Smith
L. P. Sanger
x John Dixon
J. B. Nash
H McKinny
x A B Searls
B Wasson
H T Wasson
Mrs. E. Wasson
Served the within Spa [subpoena] on L P Sanger John Dixon J. B. Nash H McKenney & A. B Searls by Reading in their hearing as the Law directs
Fees Serving on five persons 1.25 five miles travel <​31¼​> $1.56¼
Returning 12½ 12½
Sept 12th 1843
James Campbell Sheriff
Served the within spa on B Wasson H T Wasson & Mrs E Wasson by Reading in their hearing as the law directs
Fee Serving on three 75
36 miles travel 2.25 Ret 12½— 3,12½
James Campbell Sheriff
Simon Badger Deputy
Filed Sept 13th 1843
C. T Chase Clerk [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of M. Fellows.  

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    Notations in handwriting of Charles Chase.  

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    Notation in handwriting of Charles Chase.