Subpoena, 20 December 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Clements et al.]

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State of Illinois) S.S. [scilicet]
Hancock County)
City of )
The People of the State of to the of said , Greeting:
you are hereby Commanded to Summon Levi Knight, Alvin Clements, , [2 lines blank] to be and appear before me Joseph Smith, one of the Justices of the Peace, in and for said , at my in said , forthwith, and there to give testimony and the truth to say, touching a certain Complaint made on behalf of the City of against <​Albert Clements​> Albert Clements <​Tener [Tanner]​> and Henry Tener [Tanner], and hereof fail not, under the penalty of the Law; and have you then there this Writ.
Given under my Hand and Seal this 20th. day of Decr 1842.—
Joseph Smith
/Entd/ [p. [1]]
Decr 20th 1842.—
City of ) Spna [Subpoena] for Witnesses, upon Compl[ain]t of .—
Clements & ors)
personally served on Levi Knights Alvin Clements, .
fees 37½ cts.— [p. [2]]


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