Subpoena, 20 June 1843–B [Russell v. JS et al.]

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The State of Ohio
Lake County, ss. [scilicet]
To the of our said County. Greeting. We command you that you summon , , Administrator of Claudius Stannard Deceased to appear before the Judges of our Court of Common Pleas at the Court House in forthwith to answer a petition in exhibited against them and others by and this they shall in no wise omit under the penalty of one thousand Dollars and have you then there this writ.
Witness Clerk of our said Court at the 20th day of June Anno Domini one thousand eight Hundred and forty three.
[. . .] [p. 109]
The State of Ohio
Lake County ss.
service & Return $1.15
4 Copies 1.00
Travel 75
I handed , , & a certified copy thereof. June 23d. 1843.
[. . .]
The State of Ohio
Lake County ss.
Copy 25
Service 20
Travel 75
I handed a true copy of this writ June 24, 1843.
J[abez] A Tracy, Deputy. [p. 110]


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