Summons, 12 June 1844 [State of Illinois v. JS for Riot on Habeas Corpus]

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State of Illinois)
City of )
The people of the State of To the of Said . Greeting
You are hereby commaded to Notify & warn , , , , , , & , alderman <​aldermen​> of said to be and appear in session, in Municipal, at the Seventies Hall in said without <​forth​> with, hereof fail not and make <​an​> return herein— to
In testimo[n]y whereof I have herunto set my hand & seal of said cort at Aforsd [aforesaid] this 12th day of June 1844
Clerk M C. [p. [1]]
Order for Municipal Court June 12th1844
fees $1.50
[p. [2]]


  1. 1

    Seal of the Nauvoo, Illinois, Municipal Court.  

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    Docket and notation in handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Notation in handwriting of John P. Greene.