Summons, 6 March 1839 [JS v. McLellin]

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State of Missouri) Scts [scilicet]
County of )
The State of To the Sheriff of the County of aforesaid You are hereby commanded to Summon that he be and appear before the of our Circuit Court on the first day of the next April Term of said Court to be holden at the Court house in the Town of on the third Monday in April next it being the 15th day of said month To answer unto Joseph Smith Junior in an Action of To his damage of Five hundred dollars as is said and have you then and there this writ
Witness Samuel Tillery Clerk of said Court with the seal of said Court affixed this 6th day of March AD 1839
Saml. Tillery Clerk [p. [1]]
I Executed the Within Declaration & Writ of Summons by Reading the same to in on 22nd day of March 1839
Saml Hadley Sheriff of [p. [2]]


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    Notation in handwriting of Samuel Hadley.