Summons to Nauvoo City Marshal, 5 March 1844

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State of Illinois)
City of )
To the of said greeting,
You are hereby required to notify the Members of the city Council of said to convene at the council room in the “” at Two o clock this afternoon.— and have you there this precept.—
By order of the Mayor.
[seal] Witness my hand and Seal of Corporation Seal, at aforesaid this 5th day of Mar[c]h 1844,
11 oclock A M
12 oclock [p. [1]]
March 5th. 1844
Precept to Summon the City Council at two o’clock [p. [2]]


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    Notations in graphite in handwriting of John P. Greene.  

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    Notation in handwriting of John P. Greene.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.