Supersedeas, 7 December 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Hunter]

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State of Illinois)
The People of the State of To the Municipl Court of the City of and any Constable or Marshall of said Greeting: Whereas on 29th day of November 1842 a judgement was rendered by Said Municipal Court written and for Said City of against Thomas J Hunter in a suit instituted by Said City of against said Thomas J Hunter for ten dollars fine and Eight dollars Cost of Suit from which Said Judgement the Said Thomas J Hunter has appealed to the Circuit Court of Said County of . You are therefore hereby enjoined and restrained required to suspend all further proceedings in relation thereto untill our Said Court Shall make other order to the contrary and that you certify the record and proceeding in Said Cause to our Said Circuit. And this you Shall in no wise and at your perill
Witness Clerk of our Said Circuit Court at this 7th day of December A D 1842
Clerk By M. Avise D.C. [Deputy Clerk] [p. [1]]
2nd Day No 74
City of
vs Appeal
T. J. Hunter
Injunction to Municipal Court &C—
Circuit Court
May term AD 1843
Surved this 7th day desember 1842 By Reading the same to constable and Clerk of the Municipal Court
Sheriff By, , DP [Deputy]
2 fees for surving writ $1.00
Returning writ 12½
36 miles travel 2.25
sheriff By. DP [p. [2]]


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    Signature in handwriting of M. Avise.  

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    Docket in handwriting of M. Avise.  

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    Notations in handwriting of George Stigall.