Thomas Ford, Order, 6 January 1843 [Extradition of JS for Accessory to Assault]

Document Transcript

I do hereby certify that I have inspected the foregoing record, and that there is now no further cause for arresting or detaining Joseph Smith therein named by virtue of any proclamation or executive warrant heretofore issued by the of this and that since the judgment of the of the for the District of all such proclamations and warrants are inoperative and void Witness my hand and seal at this 6th day of Jany 1843
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  1. 1

    TEXT: No seal is present; however, there is residue, apparently from an adhesive wafer, at the end of the document where a seal apparently once was affixed.  

  2. 2

    TEXT: A broken piece of what appears to be sealing wax is attached above Ford’s signature.