Town Lot Order to Jane Miller, 6 March 1840

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Block 16 Lot No 1 Is put to Jane Miller at $200 Terms left with Br Joseph— March 6, 1840— [p. [1]]
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    This lot was located on land purchased from the partnership of Horace Hotchkiss, Smith Tuttle, and John Gillet. It was in the north part of the Nauvoo town plat at the southwest corner of the intersection of Brattle and Barnett streets. According to information provided by Alanson Ripley in June 1840, town lots measured eleven by twelve rods (181½ by 198 feet, or nearly five-sixths of an acre). (Trustees Land Book A, Hotchkiss Purchase, [5]–[6]; Alanson Ripley, “Nauvoo,” Times and Seasons, June 1840, 1:123.)  

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    The Nauvoo high council had set the “standard price” for Nauvoo lots at $500 but had said that none would be sold for less than $200 or more than $800. (Nauvoo High Council Minutes, 21 Oct. 1839, 26.)  

    Nauvoo High Council Minutes, 1839–1845. CHL. LR 3102 22.