Venire Facias, 14 July 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. McGraw]

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City of )
William H. McGraw)
The People of the City of . To The City of the City of , Greeting.—
You are hereby Commanded to Summon twelve Jurors, residents of said , and having the legal qualifications, to appear before the Municipal Court in said , at Ten OClock A. M. on Monday the first day of August next, to inquire upon their Oaths into an Appeal which has been lodged in this Cause, and have you then there the Names of the Jury, and this Writ, with due return made thereon.
Given under my Hand and Seal, this 14th. day of July 1842.
Joseph Smith)
Joseph Smith
Chief Justice of the Municipal Court, in said .— [p. [1]]
This precept Served— and a pannel of Jurors names annexed to the writ
fees— $25 ¢
John Bills— 1
Joshua Smith— 2
Asa Smith— 3
Hiram W Mikesell— 4
Robert Snyder [Snider] 6
— 7
David Grant— 8
Perrygreen [Perregrine] Sessions— 9
Daniel Cathcart— 10
Norman Head 11
Benjamin F Bird 11
Hiram W Mikesell
✓ [p. [2]]


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