Warrant, 8 June 1841 [Extradition of JS et al. for Treason and Other Crimes]

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State of SS. [scilicet]
The People of the State of to all She[ri]ffs, Coroners, and Constables of any County in [said?] .— Greeting
Whereas it has been made known to me by the Executive authority of the State of that Joseph Smith Junr. , Alanson Brown, , and stand [illegible]
[1 line illegible]
[3 words illegible] of said S[tate] of [3 words illegible] committed the crimes of [tr]eason against the State of of Burglary of Murder and of being accessories thereto a[n]d that said Joseph Smith Jr. , [Alan]son Brown, , a[n]d have fled fr[o]m the [illegible] [justice?] [o]f said State of , and have taken [illegible] [refuge?] in the State of
Now Therefore, I Governor of the State of pursuant to the Constitution and Laws of the United State[s] and of this , do hereby command you to arrest and appreh[end] the said Joseph Smith Jr, , Alanson Brown, a[n]d if they be found in the <​limits​> of the [Sta]te of and cause them to be safely kept and delivered [illegible] the custody of George W White who ha[s] been duly [con]stituted the ag[ent] [2 words illegible] [of the?] [Sta]te of to receive said fugitives from th[e] justice of said , [illegible] [he?] payin[g] all fees and charges for the [illegible] [arrest?] and apprehension of [illegible] [said?] fugitives and mak[e] due return to the Executive [5 words illegible] manner in whi[c]h this writ may be executed.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my name and caused the Great seal of [illegible][said?] to be affixed done at this 8th day of June A. D. 1841
By the Governor

[1 line illegible]
[Secretary of State?] [p. [1]]
[page 2 blank] [p. [2]]
[page 3 blank] [p. [3]]

[3 lines illegible]
Apprehe[nsion] of Joseph Sm[i]th & others
[2 words illegible] my County for any of the within named fugitives from justice, as I am commanded [illegible]
Samuel L. H[o]gue
[Sheri]ff Warren Co. Ills [p. [4]]


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    TEXT: Tears and damage to the page render portions of text illegible.  

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    Certification in handwriting of Thomas Carlin.  

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    Signature of Thomas Carlin.  

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    Docket in unidentified handwriting.  

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