Wilson Law and Others, Affidavit, 4 January 1843, Willard Richards Copy [Extradition of JS for Accessory to Assault]

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of the . District of
In the matter of)
Joseph Smith upon)
District of , , , , and & & being duly sworn say that they know that Joseph Smith was in , in the county of , in the state of during the whole of the sixth & seventh days of May last; That on the sixth day of May Aforesaid the said Smith attended an officer drill at from Ten Oclock in the forenoon to about four o’clock in the afternoon at which drill the said Joseph Smith was present: And these deponents , , , & <​and ——​> were with the said Smith, at aforesaid during the evening of the sixth day of May last & sat with said Smith Joseph Smith in Nauvoo Lodge from Six until nine oclock. of said evening;—
and these deponents. , , & were with the Said Smith at his dwelling house, in , on and during the evening of the fifth day of May last. & conversed with him;— and these <​all​> of the deponents aforesaid do say that on the seventh day of May aforesaid the Said Smith reviewed the Nauvoo Legion, & was present with the said Legion all that day, in the presence of many thousand peopl, and it would have been impossible for the said Joseph Smith to have been at any place in the State of , at any time, on or between the sixth & seventh days of May aforesaid; and these deponents , . & say that they have seen & conversed with the said [p. [29]] Smith at aforesaid. every day <​daily​> from the Tenth of February last until the first of July last and know that he has not been absent from said city of . at any time, during that time, long enough to have been in the State of .— that in the State of , is about three hundred miles from
Sworn to and subscribed in Open Court this 4th. Jan. 1843—
— [19 lines blank] [p. [30]]


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